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10 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Dog
September 02,2021 Pet Supplies & Products

A stressed dog develops behavioral disorders and lives shorter, scientific studies prove it. Here are 10 tips for your four-legged friend to have a long and peaceful life.

1. Be present on a daily basis: a dog is happy when he stays with his master. Loneliness, he hates!
2. Move with him: take him for walks every day, play and play sports together (hiking, etc.).
3.Do not always keep him on a leash: as soon as possible and permitted, let him roam free.
4.Do not prevent him from meeting other doggies: to feel good, a dog needs contact with his fellow creatures (sniffing, playing, etc.).
5. Frame it and always be consistent in your orders: a dog likes to please his master, considered to be the "pack leader". But he cannot understand that you forbid him today, which you allowed him yesterday for example.
6 Compliment him: each time he succeeds in an exercise or obeys an order, congratulate him and reward him with hugs, a treat ...
7.Place his bowl (non-slip) in a quiet place, where he will not be disturbed during his meals.
8. Make him a cozy space, where he will feel comfortable and safe.
9. Buy him toys: A dog likes to have various items to chew on and buffalo skin bones to chew on. They will occupy it for a long time, especially during your absences.
10.Pamper it: brush it and wash it regularly with a special canine shampoo. Cut his nails.

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