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Clearing out the closet properly - the best tips!
August 20,2021 Home Services


Every woman or man knows the morning problem of standing in front of a too full wardrobe and not knowing what to wear.

If you, too, are looking for a solution, then you should definitely read this article.
Tips for clearing out the closet
Find time
The very first point is that you take a moment where you really focus on the mucking out. This means that you shouldn't start the project between the door and the hinge. In today's age, when every minute is completely planned out, this can become a problem. Because of this, experts recommend putting it on a day when you're only at home with little else on the way.
Take everything out and make the status quo
Because most people buy a lot of stuff, they no longer know what is in their closet. For this reason, it is important that you first of all take everything out and place it on the bed or floor. You will certainly be amazed at how many clothes have accumulated over the past few years.
Arrange the clothes
This step is about dividing all the clothes you have in front of you into three piles - these can be divided again later if necessary.
3.Throw away
The “maybe” pile is about those items of clothing that you are not sure you want to wear. Here it is worthwhile to put these few clothes on the side and simply take them back after a few days or weeks and see if you want to keep them.
You should subdivide the clothes that you would like to put away again into the clothes that you want to sell or give away. You should also put broken parts on a separate pile and find out in your area whether there are ways to dispose of them free of charge.
Arrange the closet properly
Now that you've mucked out all of your clothes, you should start tidying up. Because many cupboards also have drawers, you can use rolling technology. This not only ensures a better overview, but at the same time the parts also remain wrinkle-free. To do this, for example, fold the shirt up in the normal way and then roll it up. So you put one part next to the other and get a really good overview of your drawers.
If you have a normal shelf, arrange it so that you can easily see all of your clothes. It is best to move the parts that you rarely wear further back or all the way down so that you always have your favorite clothes on top. Blouses, dresses and jackets should always be hung up.
What to do with the clothes that you want to give away or sell?
In larger cities there are many gatherings of people who want to take old clothes out of their closets and sell them. You can get rid of your clothes at these events. This is a real highlight, especially for vintage lovers.
Why can a clean closet affect your stress levels?
Because people are constantly rushing from one appointment to the next and barely have a minute to breathe, at least the morning should be calm.
If you stand in front of your wardrobe every day and do not know what to wear, this causes stress shortly after you get up. For this reason, you should make sure that your wardrobe is tidy so that you know what to wear straight away. That makes a big difference for the whole day.
The more structured your whole system is, the less time you have to spend looking for clothes unnecessarily - this leaves you with more beautiful moments for a delicious coffee or breakfast.

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