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Grooming Tips All Stylish Men Should Know
June 07,2021 Men's Grooming

Grooming for men is just as indispensable today as a well-stocked wardrobe and knowledge of a (natural) wine list. There is no shame involved. On the contrary, shame only arises when you don't have a daily routine (what does it mean, you don't have a top five moisturizer list burned into your mind !?). The secret is to be unobtrusive: be the man who cares for himself without a faint glow or a row of Picasso portrait eyebrows. As with many things in this life, less is more when it comes to caring for.

That means it's worth finding the essentials that work for you. For your skin, your hair type. The trick isn't spending a fortune on a thousand different products or locking yourself in the bathroom for hours. Rather, you should develop a daily routine that is quick, simple and, above all, easy to care for, that even the most productive man can easily handle.
Make a habit of staying in the barber chair regularly: if you've noticed that your hair needs a cut, so do others. That means you become proactive (as opposed to reactive). While some men can be content with monthly appointments, your locks can still enjoy a growth spurt and therefore require increased attention. Don't be surprised if it requires three-week or even two-week visits.
Eau de Cologne and aftershaves are designed in such a way that they complement passers-by and do not leave you cold. So use sparingly and instead of having eight to ten average fragrances, find one or two classic blends that you really like.
Then invest. Typically woody, spicy, or herbaceous scents work in winter, while lighter, citrus-based notes are better suited for summer.
If eyes are the window to your soul, your mouth is the gateway to your character. That means showing off the best version of yourself and letting an electric toothbrush do the hard work for you.
Rotary brushes reduce 11 percent more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and can also significantly reduce gum problems, according to a study by Sheffield University. And while you're at it, use a mouthwash in the morning after brushing your teeth.
Flannels won't cut it. A well-chosen exfoliant - specially formulated preparations to remove dead skin - is a weekly must to keep the skin in its best condition.
However, your radiant face shouldn't be as expensive as the planet. Opt for natural ingredients like oats or apricot kernels as opposed to microbeads that work up the food chain and land on your plate. Good Appetite.

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