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How do I know that my coffee maker is scale-forming?
November 22,2021 coffee

In principle, your coffee machine should be descaled after three months. However, before that, you may have felt some signs that your machine has been cut. For example, you will begin to feel that coffee is flowing more and more slowly.
More importantly, you will find that your coffee machine produces less and less coffee. This means that tartar will clog your coffee pot. So we have to clean it up.
This is a detergent you can make yourself. There are three main methods:
White vinegar or alcohol vinegar: just put a cup of vinegar and a cup of cold water in the coffee pot. Then turn on your coffee machine and collect about a cup of the mixture of the two liquids. Allow the machine to stand for 5 minutes and restart the machine to collect the remaining oil. To flush, simply put clean water into the water tank and start the machine again.
Lemon juice: squeeze 2 lemons into a cup of coffee and dilute with water. Then pour the mixture into the water tank of the coffee pot and start the coffee machine. When finished, put cold water in the water tank of the coffee machine, and then turn it on to rinse.
Baking soda: the principle remains the same. However, the preparation of the solution is different. Before you put baking soda into the water tank of the coffee machine, you need to dilute about one teaspoon of baking soda into half a liter of water.
Use a commercial detergent
If you don't want to break your head or don't have much time, one of the fastest and simplest solutions is to use a commercial descaling agent.
However, be sure to follow the instructions in the product packaging instructions. Generally speaking, these products must be diluted with a certain amount of water before descaling.

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