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How to decorate a Christmas tree?
December 17,2021

The fir tree, whether natural or artificial, governs the atmosphere of our living room at Christmas time. So no question of missing its beauty. Step by step, here is everything you need to do to give your tree a beautiful Christmas decoration ... while avoiding the "Christmas tree" effect.


1. Take stock of your Christmas decoration
It is first necessary to ask the right questions about the decoration of the Christmas tree. What kind of decoration do you want to achieve? Do you already have everything you need? This year, your tree will be the same as the previous year! Well, you just have to look for the decoration in the cellar or the attic. For others, you need to think of a theme. Once you find it, stick to it and go shopping.
2. Choose the right amount of supplies
Decorating a Christmas tree is very personal. It is nevertheless estimated that to dress a tree of 1.80 meters, called "American style" (hear generously), you need:
1 light garland (equipped or not with a programmer),
3 sparkling garlands,
about 40 Christmas balls,
20 to 25 Christmas subjects to hang;
the rest of the accessories (battery-powered candles, bows, traditional stars or fir tips).
For a more refined tree, bet on half of these accessories.
3. Prepare the ground
First of all, collect your decorations at the foot of your tree, in order to avoid unnecessary round trips. Check that your Christmas decoration, especially if it is a few years old, is intact and that your garland is working, otherwise change it. Depending on the size of your tree (and yours), consider taking a step or a stepladder.
4. Install the fairy lights and sparkles
Very often, the tree is attached to the wall, so no need to dwell on the hidden part. Pass the light garland at the top, through this non-visible area, to camouflage its threads. Bring it down like a snake all the way down. The switch will be easily accessible to you. Allow 10 meters of light garland for a 1.80 meter tree, 6 meters for 1.20 meter to 1.50 meter trees.
5. Place the Christmas balls and subjects
There, it will be necessary to fight against the natural "inclination" that the eye has to focus on the middle of the object to be decorated. Arrange the balls in staggered rows, from top to bottom, so that the decoration of your tree remains well balanced. Keep up the pace, move on to other small topics and fill in the gaps. Be careful, if you involve the children, the tree could be too loaded at the bottom: question of size!
6. Finish by decorating the top of the tree
Last step, and not the least perilous: the star or the point at the top of the tree. It is perhaps the most complicated. Take your time to put down the final decoration. If necessary, use a stepladder or step. Optionally, you can spray your Christmas tree with a bomb. An operation to be carried out at the very end of its decoration because under handling, the artificial snow would not hold.

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