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Kitchen: 7 ideas for open kitchen islands
September 24,2021 Home Decor

 Do you want to fit out your kitchen? Above all, you have not missed the open islets. They allow you to move around your kitchen and create a worktop as well as a dining table. We are therefore going to give you 6 ideas for open islands.


The wooden island
To begin with if you want to have a sturdy and practical island, you can choose a wooden island. In addition, it is easy to clean and is especially ideal in a large kitchen.
The two-storey island
If you want a worktop and a dining table, you can choose a two-story island. This allows you to have a worktop for cooking and a separate dining area.
The island with storage
To optimize your central island, choose one with kitchen storage. You will find some with drawers and cupboards. You can make it a safe measure, otherwise there are many specialty stores offering a wide selection.
The retractable island
To save space in your interior, opt instead for a retractable island. It can be stored if you don't need it and then be if you have guests or simply need more space.
The industrial style island
How about creating an industrial style decoration? For this you can opt for a central island in dark colors such as black or gray. In addition, choose raw materials such as stainless steel, wood or even brick. If you don't want to invest in an island, you can simply choose a coating to place on the worktop. You can find our article dedicated to the industrial style by clicking here.
The island in Scandinavian style
If you prefer the Scandinavian style, you will also find many islands in this style. To create this atmosphere, you just need to choose it with white and wood. White is a color that will bring a lot of luminosity to your room and it will avoid visually shrinking your kitchen.
The marble island
Finally, marble is an ideal material if you want to create a modern and refined decoration. No need to invest in a complete marble island! You can very well choose the coating to deposit and then stick on it. The effect will be very realistic and above all the coating will be easily washable.

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