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Motorcycle Helmet - The Complete Guide
July 28,2021 helmet

It is often said: the motorcycle helmet is the most important piece of equipment for the safety of a rider. We have therefore decided to offer you the most complete guide around the motorcycle helmet to know how to choose the perfect motorcycle helmet.

Where to start then? By the basics. That is, before you even think about buying a motorcycle helmet, the first thing to do is identify your needs. Do you ride a motorcycle a lot? What type of motorcycle? And what budget you want to dedicate to this purchase.
We will therefore start by explaining to you all the types of motorcycle helmets that exist and what are the materials generally used for their manufacture.
For the moment, we will put aside the off-road (motocross, etc). Not because I don't care, but because I don't want to mix everything up. We will therefore identify 3 themes to tell you about the motorcycle helmet in the most general way possible: the type, the range and the materials.
The full face helmet - the most famous of all, usually the first that comes to mind when it comes to motorcycle helmets. As you can see, this is a one-piece motorcycle helmet that completely protects the skull. It covers the chin well, and protects from frontal, side, posterior, upper impact, in short in all directions. They incorporate a screen and offer a high level of soundproofing.
There are also modular helmets. As the name suggests, here its special feature is that it is modular. That is, the chin bar is foldable, you can raise it or lower it.
Important thing: to drive legally with the chin bar open, it is essential to check that the helmet has double P / J homologation. This is the only way, to really have a two-in-one, to drive in jet mode or in integral mode.
These helmets generally offer a wider field of vision and are primarily designed for Touring riders. More and more they can also be seen on users in the city. Not very surprising when you see how practical this helmet is.
Finally, there is the jet motorcycle helmet. As you can see there is no chin bar. So half of the face is uncovered. In terms of safety, it's night and day with a full-face helmet. You will be much less protected. On the other hand, for short trips in the city in the summer, they can seduce more than one. Surely for its more vintage look.
So we just talked about the type and we will now talk about the different ranges. To know which is the best motorcycle helmet? There are ranges at the level of helmets. It's like everything and there is the entry-level, mid-high-end, and high-end.
There are frankly no great mysteries here. The more innovative materials, components and techniques are worked on, the more you will move up a notch in the range.

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