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Mushrooms: learn to recognize them, pick them, cook them
September 24,2021 Plants & Gardening

Late summer and fall are the seasons for mushroom picking, but maybe you're afraid to go wrong and pick poisonous ones? This file is made for you.

Recognize mushrooms
Hat, strip, foot, flesh, volva… The mushroom has characteristic features that it is important to know before starting: it is thanks to them that you will make the difference between a coulemelle or a ragged lepiot, for example. For this, study the scheme in How to Identify Fungi.
Once the anatomy of the mushroom is integrated, equip yourself with baskets and knives, and get started, keeping in mind a few common sense rules.
Star mushrooms
Here is a selection of the mushrooms that are the easiest to find and identify, and the most popular in the kitchen. You will find them in the forest, on the edge of the woods, in the meadows ... Each sheet gives you a precise description, tells you where to find them exactly and at what period - which may vary according to the region - and warns you if there is a toxic "false brother".
Bordeaux mushroom
the bronzed cep (also called black-headed porcini)
summer porcini (also called reticulated porcini)
the bay bolete
the hairy coprin
oronge (also called amanita of the caesars)
the coulemelle (also called the high lepiote)
the ragged lepiot
chanterelle (also called common chanterelle)
the yellowing chanterelle
chanterelle tube (also called gray chanterelle)
the trumpet-of-the-dead (also called the horn of plenty craterelle)
delicious lactaire (also called barigoule or Catalan)
blood milk
the Oréades marasmus (also called faux-mousseron or autumn mousseron)
the blue foot
purple foot
sheep's foot (also called sinuous hydne)
Rosé-des-Prés (also called agaric champêtre)
fallow agaric (also called snowball)
anise agaric (also called wood agaric)
And if you feel like a passionate researcher soul, go in search of 7 amazing and edible species.
What to do with mushrooms?
Good dishes of course! For this, find inspiration in our mushroom-based recipes. And if your picking has exceeded all of your expectations, all the meals until Christmas seem like it won't be enough, and you're worried about overdosing… follow our methods of mushroom talking.

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