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Pet-Sitter: How to Choose the Right Sitter for Your Dog?
May 14,2021 Sitters & Nannies

Do you plan to be away for a few days, or are you simply less available than before to take care of your dog?

To avoid letting your companion get bored, you have the option of hiring a Pet-Sitter who will take care of him like his own animal.
However, entrusting your dog to a stranger can be a source of concern for the owner ... and for the animal!
Here are some tips that should help you choose the future guardian of your companion, the one able to meet all his needs and make him forget your absence!

What is a Pet-Sitter?
As the Babysitter takes care of looking after your children, the Pet-Sitter takes care of looking after your animals during your absences.
For more details, there is even talk of Dog-Sitter for a sitter who takes care of dogs, and of Cat-Sitter for a provider who takes care of cats.
Pet-Sitting, an activity directly imported from the USA, has been particularly popular in recent years.
Its success is explained by the increasingly important place that our four-legged companions take in our homes.
What are the missions of the Pet-Sitter?
Pet-Sitters can offer a wide range of services that will meet the varied needs of different owners and their dogs.
The most common services are day care, accommodation, and walks.
Day care, or day care, allows the owner to drop off his dog at the Pet-Sitter for the day as he would with a toddler.
Depending on the services offered by the Pet-Sitter, the animal may be taken care of from feeding to walks, including play times and grooming.
How to choose the right Pet-Sitter to entrust your dog to?
Whether you go through an online platform or otherwise to find a Pet-Sitter for your dog, you will still need to carefully select the provider of your choice.
To do this, I recommend that you organize a first meeting, if possible in the presence of your faithful doggie, to see if the current is going well between your dog and his future guardian.
Ask him the right questions:
How many dogs does he keep simultaneously?
How does it work in a veterinary emergency?
Will he be able to send you photos or videos of your dog regularly?
You should feel that the Pet-Sitter is interested in your questions and realizes the responsibilities that come with keeping a living being.
If the Pet-Sitter has to house your companion at his home, your trust should go to the provider who will let you visit the premises to ensure that they are secure and suitable for welcoming a dog of your size.
Finally, do not hesitate to do a first test which will allow you to see if your dog and his new guardian are doing well.
I recommend that you do this well in advance so that you can look for another Pet-Sitter before you leave if the first is not suitable.
In conclusion,I hope this information will give you a clearer picture of the services offered by a Pet-Sitter and the best way to find a serious sitter to take care of your dog.
Finding the right person to take care of your pet when away or unavailable is far from easy, and can even turn into a nightmare for some owners.

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