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Pick Your Wedding Ring
June 16,2021 Jewelry

Throughout history, wedding rings have symbolized love, loyalty, and fidelity. This tradition dates back to ancient times and is widespread in almost every culture. Wedding rings are often viewed as a sacred piece of jewelry that is highly valued.
The process of buying a wedding ring is very different from that of an engagement ring. Most couples buy their wedding ring together and there is no element of surprise involved. It is a sensible, practical choice that is made by both parties. In addition, it is often the most important piece of jewelry the two of you buy together, and it shows your love, style, personality, and values.
If you're unsure of the difference between wedding rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings, check out our Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings vs. Wedding Rings article which clears up the confusion.

Start early
Many couples make the mistake of waiting too late to buy their wedding rings. They overlook production times and don't give themselves enough time to finish their ring.
It generally takes around 3-4 weeks for your rings to be sized and finished.
If you have your wedding rings made to measure, allow even more time. Certain styles may take longer and retailers may take around 3-6 weeks to customize your wedding rings.
The recommended time to start looking is around 6 months before the wedding to make sure you are not in any pressure or rush. If you leave it until the last minute, you may run out of time to get the perfect ring and settle for second best.

Choose your budget
Choosing your budget at the start can help you decide on your rings and not get distracted while shopping. It is generally recommended that you set aside around 3% to 5% of your total wedding budget for your wedding rings.
To stretch your budget, you can play around with the ring metal and styles. For example, choose a half eternity band instead of a full eternity band because it costs less but doesn't make much of a difference to the look of your ring. Another example would be to choose white gold over platinum because they both look very similar, but white gold is cheaper.
For example, let's compare these two following rings. This is a half eternity wedding ring while this is a full eternity ring. Both are made from 14k white gold. Half eternity contains the equivalent of 0.30 carats of diamonds, while full eternity contains diamonds of 0.75 carats. There are other small differences in clarity and color, but the two bands look very similar in terms of quality and beauty. The difference in price? Almost a thousand dollars!
Big brand names and designer rings can also add significantly to the overall price of the ring. Remember that a wedding ring is a classic piece of jewelry and whether you buy it from a big brand store or the local jewelry store there won't be much of a difference in looks, but there will definitely be a difference in price!
Look at your lifestyle
While this may seem like an obvious point, many people forget to remember that the wedding ring they choose should suit their lifestyle. Since this is a piece of jewelry that you will wear every day for a lifetime, it is very important that it fit your lifestyle to ensure that it will last a lifetime.
The ring you buy should be stylish but also practical. For example, if you lead a very active outdoor lifestyle or are exposed to a lot of chemicals, your ring should be sturdy enough to withstand this type of exposure. Take this into account when deciding your metal and style, and check with your jeweler before purchasing.
Choose your metal
The typical metal for wedding rings was gold, although today you can purchase your ring in a variety of different metals. For a coordinated look, it is a good idea that the bride and groom choose the same metal. While the styles can be different, the same metal gives the two rings a subtle but beautiful connection.
However, some brides and grooms prefer different metals to suit their tastes. For example, rose gold is a feminine soft color and perfect for a bride while the groom wants something sturdier and more manly. That's perfectly fine too.
Most brides prefer a metal that will match their engagement ring. This ensures that the two rings always work together and not against each other.
Here are the most popular metals for wedding rings:
Yellow gold
This is the traditional classic choice for a wedding ring. If you choose yellow gold, your best bet is to choose 14 karat or 18 karat gold. These have the best looks and durability.
Yellow gold with a purity of over 75% is too soft for everyday use and is easy to scratch and lose its shape.
Under 14 carats makes a more durable alloy, but doesn't have the look you would expect from gold.
Silver is a very soft metal and easily scratches over time. It is not practical for everyday use. Sterling silver, an alloy, is often used in wedding rings. However, because silver oxidizes over time, it must be polished to maintain its luster and color. One advantage of silver is that it is much cheaper than most other metals.
Platinum is more expensive than gold because it is more difficult to make and extremely durable. Since it is naturally white, platinum does not fade or tarnish. It is also very resistant to scratches.
It should be noted that platinum tends to wear away other metals on contact as it is a very hard metal. It should match your engagement ring.
White gold
If platinum is beyond your budget, white gold is a great alternative. It's a very popular modern type of metal and a great option for wedding rings. Over time, however, the rhodium plating on the white gold wears off, so you have to have the ring repolished.
Rose gold
ose gold eternity bracelet diamond ring with reflection and shadow on gray background
This was a very popular metal in Victorian times and has been gaining popularity again recently. The pink hue gives the ring like this one a feminine and romantic touch. Because of the copper used, it is a very durable metal. It doesn't tarnish and keeps its color.
The above are classic metals that will last a lifetime. They have proven themselves over time and have been used in wedding rings for centuries. But industrial metals are also becoming increasingly popular for wedding rings.
Titanium and tungsten are two very similar metals and can easily be confused. However, titanium is a light metal, lighter in color, and while durable, it can be easily scratched. Tungsten, on the other hand, is heavier, darker and extremely resistant to abrasion.
Another popular metal is cobalt, which has a high natural sheen and won't discolor or fade over time. It is one of the most durable metals as it is seven times harder than silver and four times harder than platinum. It doesn't scratch or scratch easily either.
Stainless steel is also being used increasingly for wedding rings. It looks similar to silver, but does not tarnish. It's more durable than silver.

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