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The Top 10 Small Appliances Make Our Life Easier
May 16,2021 Small Appliances

A multitude of small electrical appliances are available on the market and while some seem a bit far-fetched to lovers of simplicity, others have quietly made their way into our daily lives. We can hardly live without ...

Here is a non-exhaustive list of these machines that make our daily lives easier:

1- The microwave oven
Even though it has been a common practice for the past few decades, the microwave oven is essential for most of us. Whether it's reheating ready meals, baby purees or leftover food, cooking quickly or popping a bag of popcorn before the Saturday night movie, we can't imagine our life without it. In fact, he is often the very first electro to appear among young people living in apartments for the first time.
2- The toaster oven
You can use it to grill our toast for breakfast, of course, but the great thing about this mini oven is that it can be used as ... an oven! So, to make good small dishes in small portions: perfect for single people or few people (2-3 maximum.) This oven uses much less electricity and you can use it for almost anything (cakes, muffins, meats and grilled fish, gratins, pizza, etc.), provided you have fairly small dishes! Plus, it's perfect for bringing life (and great taste) to frozen bread.
3- The coffee machine
Whatever your preference (filter or espresso), there is a machine that can meet your morning caffeine needs. And the best of the best, it's a programmable machine that makes your coffee run just before your alarm sounds: you can wake up to the good smell of freshly brewed coffee, and there is nothing better to leave the day right!
4- A press / grill
Available in several sizes, the grill for cooking meat or fish without adding fat is perfect for quick dinners: sprinkle your room with the spices of your choice and simply grill a few minutes before serving with a healthy side. Plus, this tool doubles as (although it's not written on the box) a panini press and other grilled cheese sandwiches. You will therefore be able to make hot sandwiches just like in a restaurant, and serve grill-cheese to little gourmets in two steps.
5- The coffee grinder
It is useful for lovers of freshly ground coffee, of course, but not only for that! It also allows you to use whole spices ground per minute in all your recipes (always tastier), to powder small quantities of almonds, to very quickly chop your fresh herbs or garlic cloves, etc. So that the smells and flavors don't mix together, just grind a few grains of white rice between each use and wipe the inside with a clean, slightly damp cloth.
6- A mixer
If you don't have one yet, the blender will do wonders in your kitchen: perfect for creating homemade smoothies and fruit juices, for your vegetable creams and soups, for pancake batter, for baby purees, for quickly chop large quantities of vegetables, to "cure" sauces that have made lumps, etc.
7- A slow cooker
Nothing beats a good casserole dish to be comforted on a cool fall or winter evenings, but we often don't have the time to watch a pot for many hours, like our grandmothers did. This is exactly why a great person imagined the electric slow cooker: just add your ingredients, spices, etc. in the bowl, adjust the cooking intensity and get to work without worrying. On the way back, this good smell of childhood will float in the air ...
8- A food processor
To cut everything, chop, grate, slice, powder, shred, etc. The food processor is the perfect ally for cooks who are afraid of knives or who have to quickly prepare large quantities of food. In a few seconds and pulsations, the job is finished!
9- A beater (on foot or hand)
If you like to bake cakes, pastry, homemade whipped cream or whip egg whites, the hand mixer will suffice ... But if you decide to also get into the bakery (bread and pizza dough, brioches, etc.), this is the free standing model for you. It is true that it is a bit expensive, but it is a lifetime investment!
10- The user-friendly machine of your choice
It is always practical to have an appliance at home that allows you to prepare a quick meal for the whole family: a raclette machine, an indoor grill, an electric fondue set, a waffle iron or a plate for making pancakes, egg and slices of bacon for a family weekend lunch.
Obviously, there are plenty of other items in the stores and everyone has their preferences ... Is your favorite electro on this list?

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