August 02,2021 Skin Care

Do you already know the latest trend on Instagram? The Beautyfridge! No, we didn't make that up - the bathroom refrigerator really does exist. And that's not so stupid, because some cosmetic products should actually be stored in the refrigerator. In today's blog post, we'll tell you why this is the case and what advantages it brings.
Our skin in summer
As a diligent reader of our magazine, you probably know by now that the skin needs different care in summer than in winter, as it is dried out and irritated by the intense UV radiation and heavy sweating.
At the same time, sebum production is higher in hot temperatures, which means that the skin is more oily in summer than in other times of the year. For your beauty routine, this means that you should prefer to use less oil-based products and focus more on hydration.
In addition, cleaning is particularly important in summer, as the skin sweats a lot and can clog the pores more easily. Thorough cleaning removes dirt from the pores and the skin can breathe again.
The right summer care for dry and oily skin
Dry skin is happy about the increased sebum production in summer. To give the skin sufficient moisture, a small amount of oil or cream can be mixed with a light facial serum.
Oily and combination skin suffer from increased sebum production, as this ensures that pores clog and pimples can develop more easily. Sufficient moisture can ensure that the sebum is liquefied and can thus be better transported away. This cleanses the skin and prevents pimples. Depending on your needs, creams can be completely dispensed with and only a light serum can be used.
Summer care: These ingredients should be included in your skin care routine
Aloe Vera moisturizes and helps skin regeneration, while hyaluronic acid binds moisture and plumps the skin from the inside out. Last but not least, vitamin E protects the cells and has an antioxidant effect.
Cooling off from the refrigerator
Our skin likes it light in summer. Abundant care would only overwhelm them. And who would say no to a nice cool down on hot summer days? Light, moisturizing and cool serums are therefore particularly suitable for your care in summer.
This is where the refrigerator comes into play: If serum and Co. are stored in the refrigerator, they have an additional decongestant and cooling effect and provide an intense freshness kick on hot days. In particular, decongestant products such as creams or gels against puffy eyes benefit from the cold, because their astringent effect is even greater when cold. It also feels as good as possible on your skin.
In addition, storing cosmetic products in the refrigerator has the advantage that products last longer.
The beauty refrigerator: a trend for hot days
The beauty refrigerator may sound like a bit of getting used to at first, but the fact is: Everything that is supposed to have a decongestant and blood circulation-promoting effect improves its effect through the cold. Especially in hot temperatures, it offers a good opportunity to cool down irritated facial skin and provide refreshment.
But we admit: an extra refrigerator for the bathroom is not absolutely necessary. Here it is also sufficient to have some products temporarily moved to the kitchen.

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