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Tips for saving money on Halloween decorations this year
October 29,2021 Party Supplies

Whether it's filling the lawn with spooky gravestones or stacking pumpkins on the porch, decorating for Halloween is a lot of fun. But even the cost of a few decorations can quickly get scary. You can easily drop hundreds of dollars on inflatables, motion activated talking skeletons, and flying ghosts.

Luckily, whether you're planning to throw a Halloween party or just want to impress the cheaters in the neighborhood, it's possible to cheat on your home, even on a tight budget. After all, what is Halloween without a haunted house?
Tips for decorating for Halloween on a budget
Whether you are a seasoned DIYer, want to try your hand at simple projects, or prefer to buy all of your decorations, a few money-saving tips can help you have the most impressive house in the neighborhood for a lot of money. . remains to be spent on treats or costumes for each member of the family.
Plan ahead
If saving money is your goal, there are several things you should do before setting foot in a store.
1. Choose a theme
It's easy to toss whatever you see in your shopping cart when it comes to Halloween. The whole decor looks tempting.
To reduce impulse buying, stick to a theme. Themes make your home look more cohesive and help you avoid wasting money on buying too many ornaments that don't contribute to your design plans.
Halloween is not a theme in itself. Try to reduce it. For example, will you be doing a zombie theme? Ghosts in the cemetery? A gathering of witches?
If you have a favorite design aesthetic, you can narrow it down even more. For example, while I love Halloween, I'm not in the blood and the gore. I prefer vintage and fancy styles. So I let all the bloody zombie arms go through and go straight to the retro or Victorian wall plaques.
2. Buy your home first
I keep big plastic storage bins full of decorations for all the holidays. So before I go to the store, I always stop there first to dig through our stuff from years gone by and find things to reuse.
Having a reliable system for seasonal decorating is just one of the many economic benefits of organizing your home. It allows you to easily access and see what you have so that you can stay on budget and not overbuy.
But don't stop with the things you specifically designated as seasonal decor. Instead, keep an open mind as you browse every room in your home for things that match your Halloween theme.
For example, use a plush black cat from your child's toy box for your witch display. Or you can use an everyday black and white buffalo plaid tablecloth and rattan placemats from your summer picnic stash as a perfect pairing for your Halloween table.
3. Set a budget
It is only after choosing a theme and shopping around for your home that you should decide to spend some cash on Halloween decorations, including craft supplies for DIY projects. This is where budgeting comes in.
In addition to sales and the use of coupons, saving money depends on careful planning. Plus, it helps keep your spending in line with your resources, which you can only know once you've taken stock of your ability to spend on Halloween decorating.
So after you have tallied all of your fixed expenses (bills) and necessary discretionary expenses like groceries and gasoline, take stock of what's left. How much of your remaining funds are you willing to spend on Halloween decorations?
If you spend all your stash on decorations, you will have nothing left for the other things you love. So take into account anything that you regularly spend money on for fun, such as entertainment, dining out, and recreational shopping. Also think about things like candy and Halloween costumes.
Once you have that number, stick to it. You don't want to use credit cards, especially when Halloween is just the first in the fall and winter vacation lineup.
After that, you do what you would for any other vacation budget. For example, if you spot a giant inflatable lawn that costs $ 200 and you only budgeted $ 100 for your Halloween decorations, you know you have to pass it up to avoid exceeding your resources.
Save in store
If you plan on hunting down all of your Halloween decorations in stores, arm yourself with coupons and discount apps to help double your savings. But even with coupons and discounts, it's still worth choosing where to shop wisely.
4. Avoid specialty stores
At this time of year it's tempting to think that a Halloween specialty store is the place to shop for Halloween decorations, the prices can be steep even if you manage to get coupons.
5. Use coupons
Shopping sales and using coupons can really maximize your budget. And while coupons are most people's first choice when trying to save money on groceries, many stores that sell Halloween decorating and craft supplies also have coupons. .
But remember: even with a coupon, decorations from high-end and specialty stores can still cost more than a similar product at a discount store. It pays to compare-shop.

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