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What type of support should I choose for my phone?
August 10,2021 Electronics

The phone holder has become an essential accessory for everyday life. If this solution remains an option in everyday life, it is mandatory in driving. The law prohibits the use of a hand-held phone while driving.

Why use a phone holder?
On a daily basis, you need to keep your hands free, for example to go about your household chores, to work or to drive. In the latter case, you need to purchase a car phone holder. But, it can also be a support to install on a piece of furniture, such as your desk, your worktop or your dining table. You can therefore put your phone on this support and receive or initiate a call, send an SMS or browse the web by voice command. It is also more convenient for watching a video, for example.
On what criteria should you choose your phone holder?
There are several parameters to consider to make the right choice when purchasing your phone holder. First, you can choose between a classic phone holder or a magnetic system. In the first case, you install your phone using a non-slip rubber band. In the second case, you use a magnetic plate that automatically sticks to the back of the phone. Then, this plate allows the phone to easily adhere to the phone holder. You should also assess the security and stability of the stand to immobilize the phone and keep a better viewing angle. Prefer a support with rotation up to 360 ° to find the perfect position before locking your phone. Choose a stand with hooks or a non-slip coating to prevent the phone from slipping. This allows him to stay in the best position. In the case of the magnetic system, the magnets must be strong enough.
How to choose a holder for your car?
If you are specifically looking for a car phone holder, you can choose between a phone holder or a membership device that you can install on the dashboard, windshield, air vent or CD player. You can consult your GPS navigation without hindrance thanks to this support. Become aware of the different strengths and weaknesses of each type of installation. For example, the suction cups can slip when the interior is very cold. They are therefore to be avoided in winter. Then, the phone may turn off automatically when the air vent blows too hot air.

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