August 05,2021 Personal Care

From shampoo bottles to razor blades or cotton pads: There is hardly any other room that collects as much plastic as in the bathroom. It doesn't have to be. Today we're going to tell you which products you can use to avoid rubbish and make your bathroom as plastic-free as possible.


Plastic-free bathroom: this is how you set up your zero waste bathroom
We admit: a plastic-free bathroom is a bit of a challenge. From shaving foam in a can, creams from plastic tubes to razor blades with plastic cladding to cosmetics in plastic jars - unfortunately, plastic can be found in almost every product these days.
But zero waste is also possible in the bathroom. How exactly, we'll tell you now!
1. Use products made of wood or bamboo
One of the most frequently used plastic products in the bathroom is the toothbrush, which, to make matters worse, has to be replaced regularly. This means that waste is produced over and over again, not only through the toothbrush itself, but also through the packaging.
2. The motto is reusable instead of single-use products
Instead of throwing cotton pads in the trash after removing make-up in the evening, you can also remove your make-up with reusable cotton pads.
After use, you can easily clean it with soap and water or put it in a laundry bag with your laundry in the washing machine and then use it again immediately.
3. Replace liquid with solid without packaging
Instead of using shampoo from plastic bottles or soaps and gels from tubes, you can replace liquid products with solid alternatives without packaging.
These products are not only more environmentally friendly, they are usually also much more economical than conventional products. So not only nature is happy, but also your wallet.
It is very easy to use: Solid shampoo or solid bars of soap are foamed in the hands or on the corresponding part of the body and then washed off like liquid products.
For more sustainability in the bathroom, we recommend toothbrushes made of wood or bamboo. In addition to the zero waste aspect, bamboo toothbrushes also provide another plus point: They are naturally antibacterial, which means that no bacteria can form on the brush.
By the way: there are also cotton swabs made of bamboo.
4. Sustainable cosmetics from the jar
Cleaning gels do not have to come in plastic containers, sustainable cosmetics are best packaged in jars.


5. Sustainable cosmetics without microplastics
However, plastic-free cosmetics don't just mean doing without plastic in their packaging.
Shower gel, peeling and shampoo often move into the bathroom with an unpleasant companion: microplastics enter the environment via sewage and cause great damage there.
In addition to the negative consequences for the environment, microplastics also damage our health. Therefore, always look at the ingredients of a product before adding it to your bathroom repertoire. It is best to use natural ingredients and pay attention to cosmetic seals that guarantee the purity of the product.

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